Random Coding Tips and Tricks

There are a lot of little things that I come across in my work that I can’t easily find the answers to and then when i do find the answer, I always wonder if there are other pple who could potentially benefit from this. There have been many instances where I have felt like thisContinue reading “Random Coding Tips and Tricks”

Regular Expressions for Removing Email Signatures

I’ve been scouring Google, searching for a regular expression that can help me filter out email signatures from email text. I guess email body processing is kind of niche for NLP as I found alot of email address parsing regex but nothing related to email signature parsing. So I made one and wanted to shareContinue reading “Regular Expressions for Removing Email Signatures”

Ethical Innovation in Process Mining

This is a blog post which I wrote in relation to my presentation for the Ethical Innovation for Artificial Intelligence Workshop which took place from July 27th to July 28th 2020. Click Here to view the video recording of my presentation Ethical Innovation in Process Mining I became interested in learning about Process Mining afterContinue reading “Ethical Innovation in Process Mining”